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This post is actually written in December 2013 but deliberately backdated. The intention is to provide an umbrella post for my work curating @TWkLGBTQ to be used for reference.
Post 1: Let’s talk about labels. Discusses bisexual vs pansexual, whether “bisexual” is exclusionary to non-binary people, interalised slut shaming with regards to the word “pansexual”, the usefulness or otherwise of labels and the pressure to live up to your chosen label.
Post 2: Coming out as bisexual. What is says on the box. The challenges of coming out as bi, and how biphobia, bi invisibility and bi erasure exacerbate them. Personal experiences coming out to friends, colleagues and family.
Post 3: Let’s talk about stereotypes. Greedy. Indecisive. Promiscuous. Fashionably bi. Gay till graduation. Just a phase. Scared of coming out as “properly” gay. Additional discussion of sexual vs romantic orientation.
Post 4: On being invisible. Discussion of bi invisibility, bi erasure, the fact that their committed by gay and straight people alike, and the damage they can cause.
Post 5: Fictionally Bi. Discussion of bisexual representation in fiction, including a lot of recommendations of characters and works.
Post 6: Awesomely Bi. Discussion of bisexual rolemodels and the frequent absence thereof. List of indivduals bisexual people found inspiring.
Post 7: The privilege of passing, the burden of invisibility. The flip side of bi invisibility is assumed heterosexual privilege. This is often the answer to why we flaunt our sexuality.
Post 8: Bi at work. Discussion of challenges bisexual people face in the workplace.
Post 9: You’re bi? Threesomes! Discussion of the assumption of availability that is an intrinsic part of biphobia, the appropriation of our sexualities, and the disproportionate negative effects on bi women.
Post 10: Intersectionality. Discussion of how sexuality can intersect with other axes of oppression, e.g. gender or race.
Post 11: Domestic abuse in the LGBT community. Discussion of the different forms of domestic violence and abuse within the LGBT community and Broken Rainbow, the only national charity to provide support to LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse in the UK.
Post 12: Bisexuals and gender. Discussion of the differential impact of biphobia based on gender and gender identity as well as the interaction between sexuality and gender presentation.
Post 13: What I learned from Curating @TWkLGBTQ. Long and rambling post about both the process of being a curator and the content of the discussions we had.

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