[Elsewhere] Argyll and Bute council v 9-year-old girl

That politicians and bureaucrats don’t – and frankly often have no desire to – understand the internet is a given. It has also been highlighted over the last week by, among other things, the antics of Argyll and Bute Council.
Quite why the council thought it was a good idea to pick a fight with a nine-year-old girl raising money for a children’s charity is anyone’s guess. For six weeks or so, Martha Payne had been taking pictures of her school lunches and posting them on her blog, together with some evaluation – how tasty, how healthy, how many pieces of hair, etc. Some of the food looks okay – and Martha is quite complimentary about it; some is shocking both in terms of nutritional value and portion size, even for a nine-year-old.
Read more at the Scottish Times.

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