On foreigners and benefits scroungers

It might as well be there in black and white in the Conservative manifesto: “We will play off poor people and foreign people against each other, for political gain to the Conservative Party and the general entertainment of Daily Mail readers.”
Last month we had Graeme Archer, who describes himself as “a bog-standard Conservative activist”, lecture us about how poor Polish workers are paying tax to subsidise all the benefits scroungers. Ping.
Today, the tables have turned, with Iain Duncan Smith pretty much calling for British jobs for British people. Pong.
Isn’t it great to throw a bone and watch the dogs fight over it? You can lean back and put your feet up in the absolute certainty that in their frenzy over benefit-scrounging scum and filthy foreign scum the media won’t notice some key points:

These are just some highlights of the monumental structural and social problems which are likely to be this government’s legacy to the UK. It is not me, the immigrant, taking your jobs – it’s your government. And it is not the poor, disabled and disadvantaged who deserve your scorn for having tax money spent on them – it is your government for continuing to stick their heads in the sand and refusing to acknowledge that their economic policy is simply not working.

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